Monday, March 19, 2007

Executing a CAB file for Windows Mobile Devices

After recently wanting to do this I couldn't find much information about it on the web with regards to command-line parameters etc.

WCELOAD.exe is the application required to install CAB files for Windows CE. It is located in the \Windows directory.

/noui - Specifies no user interface while the install is taking place.

/noaskdesk - Do not ask the user where to install the application (Storage card, RAM).

/nouninstall - Specifies that the application cannot be removed. No .unload file will be created if this flag is set.

An example of the command could be:
\windows\wceload /noui /noaskdesk \Storage card\

Note: If the /nouninstall flag is not set, an .unload file is created in the \Windows directory which has this naming convention: .unload.

This is a useful link that contains more information on the subject:

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