Saturday, October 06, 2007

Books I am currently reading - Oct 07

I want to start a regular blog regarding the books that I read and to give feedback as to what I think of the book and whether I recommend it to others.

As most of you are probably aware now that .NET 3.0 has been released - formally known as WinFX in the early pre-beta days last year. But my guess is probably most shops are not using .NET 3.0 yet. Would like to hear feedback from anyone on this, experiences etc.

Part of .NET 3.0 is WCF - Windows Communication Foundation - formally known as Indigo.

Indigo is a new set of API's that build ontop of other messaging technologies, such as Enterprise Services (COM+), Web Services, MSMQ, Windows Services (NT Services), .NET Remoting. But WCF is much easier than all these and massively flexible.

I highly recommend this book. It starts by going back to fundamentals and talks about SOA's. If you're not sure what an SOA is, then this book should clear things up for you.

The book is highly technical and covers WCF to a fairly good degree. You will certainly learn enough in order to be productive in WCF once you have read this book.

The WCF fundamentals are covered throughout the book with constant examples which are the ABC's of WCF - Address, Binding and Contract.

The book covers most types of bindings - ones which come with WCF which to be honest is probebly more than enough. I like the easy reading layout, the author's writing style encourages you to read more and more rather than to put the book down.

I have also in my possession the WPF version of this book which I will blog a brief review of once I have read it. Watch this space!! ;)

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