Wednesday, December 12, 2007

TechEd 2008

There will not be a MEDC conference next spring (2008), instead the MEDC conference will be integrated into the new Tech Ed Developers conference.

What is TechEd?

TechEd is Microsoft’s premier global conference designed to provide Developers and IT Professionals with the technical education, product evaluation and community resources for architecting, developing, managing, securing, and mobilizing state-of-the-art software solutions for a connected enterprise.

TechEd U.S. 2008 Expands!

To better serve the distinct needs of the developer and IT professional communities in the United States, Tech·Ed U.S. is evolving from a one week conference to two separate back-to-back conferences: Tech·Ed U.S. 2008 Developers, June 3-6, and Tech·Ed U.S. 2008 IT Professionals, June 10-13, in Orlando, FL.

The two week format is designed to provide the same Tech·Ed experience, but with expanded learning opportunities for attendees, which means more sessions and the need for more speakers.

For more information, see here:


Anonymous said...

No more MEDC? Seriously?

Your blog is the first I've heard
about it. The TechEd 2008 page
is pretty vague. Any more info
for us old MEDC attendees?

Simon Hart said...

TechEd Developers will replace MEDC so in effect MEDC still lives on but kind of wrapped up in TechEd! There will be a mobile track running June 3 - 6 2008 of which I'll be speaking.

I heard this from Microsoft themselves, I also found this blog on the MEDC 2007 site: