Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MVP Summit 2008 - recap

Well I'm back from Seattle and what an experience. I love Seattle, it's a kind of city that's more like a town than a city in that people tend to be more laid back than most other cities. I admit I found it smaller and cleaner than expected which adds to its appeal. I think I now have an even bigger caffine addiction than before I left! Unfortunately because of my busy schedule, I didn't have the time I would have liked to explore the city in more detail, maybe next time!

That out of the way, I found the Summit probably the most influential event of my career. It was great to meet so many smart people many of which I hope to keep in touch with, many of us exchanged business cards. I learnt alot from these elite passionate people and I think Microsoft did a great job which was a massive investment in the summit which proves Microsoft's commitment to the programme in which I am honored to be part of. I'd like to thank everyone at Microsoft and everyone else who helped make it a truly great experience for all of us.

Steve Ballmers keynote followed Ray Ozzies speech and ended the summit quite nicely. The guy is a great showman. You can read the keynote on the Microsoft Press site.

Just some of the mobility people I met were: Ginny Caughy, Steve Lasker, Rob Miles, Scott Holden, Chris Craft, Loke Uei Tan, Jan Yeh, Nino Benvenuti, Tony Whitter....and lots more...

I've embedded some random pictures that I took.

Taken from within the Washington State Convention and Trade Centre, downtown Seattle.

A view from my hotel room.

The Seattle Space Needle

Downtown Seattle - taken from the Space Needle.
South East view of Seattle from the Space Needle.
Random photo west Seattle somewhere.
One of the research buildings (I think 99) on Microsoft Campus, Redmond. I remember ordering a shuttle from here.
Some cool devices. HTC Advantage, HTC Shift...
The Microsoft Surface, cool.

Random building on Microsoft Campus, Redmond.

I stayed at the Seattle Grand Hyatt - highly recomended.

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