Friday, July 18, 2008

Opera Mobile 9.5 beta 1 for WM5/6

I just downloaded and installed the web browser available from Opera Software, Opera Mobile 9.5 beta 1 and I think it's a work of art!

It supports full screen browsing, panning, zooming and you can save pages to your device.

It has a nice UI too, completly custom designed.

Portrait mode

Double tapping the screen zooms in so you can read the text more clearly:

Zoomed in

You can simply touch and drag the screen with the stylus or finger you have TouchFLO style devices.

Notice how it groups HTML paragraphs for easier reading, neat.

Gesture features:

Toolbar features:

Note this is a beta product so there are some known issues however for the very short amount of time I have been using it it seems to be fairly stable.

A list of know issues are as follows:

Known issues

  • ActiveX is disabled — Flash plugins and embedded video streaming do not work.
  • Custom IME’s (like HTC’s IME) will be buggy at best, not working at worst.
  • Not multilingual build — Only English is supported. Problems with other languages (and input methods) are not unexpected.
  • Installation on memory cards may cause problems.
  • Text wraps in overview mode.
  • Main testing has been done on English HTC devices (Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch, Touch Dual, Touch Cruise, TyTN and Wizard) and Samsung i900.
  • We have got reports from some users that this build will disable the phones sounds/notifications.
Get it from here.

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