Saturday, August 23, 2008

Working for Edenbrook

As I mentioned recently, I have changed jobs. I now work for a highly successful consultancy based in London called Edenbrook. I have only been working there for 2 weeks so far, but it's been a very good experience already. Edenbrook only emmployee the best candidates so the recruitment process is quite hard but the work and people you get to work with are of high calibre and fun and challenging.

From what I can tell Edenbrook value there employees greatly, so the social events etc are quite extensive. I have already been on a jolly which occupied the whole day including gokarting and ending in a pub near liverpool St. and not getting home until gone midnight.
Although in the morning we had some technical tracks where a few of our guys talked about some new technologies we are using to get everyone up to speed.

Looking through other peoples code/architecture and patterns as well as the design documentation etc ozzes quality. My first project started on Monday and is over in Dublin, Ireland. I'll probably be out there for a few months 3 days per week although the bit I'm working on shouldn't take too long no doubt I'll be doing something else over there when that is finished. It is quite fun and a change from working out of the same office for years on end - some projects never end! Although the 06:40 flight from London Monday mornings is tough!

From what I hear Edenbrook now has great mobility capabilities, I'm hoping some mobile projects come our way soon :)

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