Monday, March 09, 2009

Microsoft Recite Technology Preview

There is a lot of cool stuff coming out of Redmond lately and Microsoft Recite is no exception.

Microsoft Recite is a tool that allows you to verbally record your thoughts to aid you to remember things, then retrieve them by asking (voice recognition) Recite for the content using any of the phrases in the recorded message.

Recite is supported on these devices:

AT&T BlackJack II
AT&T Pantech Duo
HTC Diamond
Moto Q9m
Palm Treo 800w
Palm Treo Pro
SMT 5800
T-Mobile Dash
T-Mobile Shadow
T-Mobile Wing
Motorola Q9C

Checkout a video of Recite in action here:
Get it here:

I am unaware of any Recite managed SDK at this point.

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