Saturday, May 09, 2009

Microsoft Architect Insight Conference May 8th 2009 Mobile Decks for download

As promised to the delegates at the recent Microsoft Architect Insight Conference held on 8th May 2009 at Microsoft London Victoria, I have uploaded the decks from my breakout which was presented with Dave Baker from the Developer and Platform Group at Microsoft and my interactive session for download.

The two decks were used in the sessions Extending the Enterprise through Mobile and Mobile Implementation Patterns. Please note: the interactive Mobile Implementation Patterns deck is very light and the session was very much a chalk and talk session. I opened it up for debate for just about anything mobile. This deck contains some information about Hitachi Consulting who we are, our clients we've worked with which may interest you.

Thanks to Dave for giving a great session and also thanks to all the delegates in the interactive who made it a good discussion session.

You can download the decks here.

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