Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Series Announced at MWC

You've probably heard by now that Microsoft has announced Windows Phone 7 Series to the community on 15 Feb at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona by Steve Ballmer. The Microsoft official press release can be found here.

I have to say the platform looks awesome. It looks very Zune HD like which is partly to do with the fact that Joe Belfiore is on the design team.

The best publicly available video to date that shows the platform UX is over on channel9 here:

Dev Story:
If you're expecting to hear about the developer story or anything to do with the application platform then you'll be disappointed. Microsoft has not made any thing public regarding tools, frameworks etc for the new wave of Windows Phone 7 Series products. Microsoft is gearing up to tell the community about the developer story at MIX in Las Vegas on March 15-17. For sessions on Windows Phone 7 Series at this event see here.

For developer story announcements keep an eye on Charlie Kindels' blog as he is responsible for the Windows Phone 7 Series application platform.

The Windows team blog has a post on the announcement here.

The Windows Phone twitter hashtag is: #wm7

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