Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Versioning team builds to match assembly version numbers

Have you ever wanted to version your team builds to match your assembly versions. Stuart Preston shows how to easily achieve this in Team Build 2010 over at:

I've just tried this and it works nicely, great stuff!


Unknown said...

We do the same thing with TeamCity. It is nice to be able to tie a dll in with a particular revision and build number.

We version all of our assemblies as {major}.{minor}.0.0 and our assembly file versions as {major}.{minor}.{build}.{revision}

Simon Hart said...

Yes I agree. Most shops do not do this. It really helps when doing a SAT or UAT cycle I think and also allows greater control of versioning. Using Stuarts trick, you can simply change the build definition to target whatever build you want easily.

How does TeamCity build solutions, does it use MSBuild?