Sunday, April 10, 2011

At last broadband speeds as promised with Virgin Media and Fibre optic broadband

Norwich broadband speeds over fibre optic cables

I recently changed from old copper cable based broadband provided by Zen Internet to fibre optic provided by Virgin Media, and I must say I am wowed by it's performance. See above. I am paying for 30mbps and I am getting 30mbps!! fancy that, actually getting what you pay for.

For the first time, I can now stream movies from lovefilm directly through my media centre with no stuttering....

Previously I was paying £25 per month for 8mbps over copper lines but actually only getting (if I was lucky) 1 mbps. Now I am paying £21.49 for 6 months then £30.74 and that includes the phone line.

The last time I wrote a blog on this was when I was living in Guildford, South East England, here:

It still amazes me how broadband service company's can charge you a certain fee for a service you have no way of getting. Imagine if this logic was used in all industries, like the motoring industry. You take your car in to have the tyres replaced, but the garage charges you for a full service instead!! madness!


Christian Resma Helle said...

Why the low upload speed? I used to have a fiber connection for a couple of years and the download was always equal with upload, from 10/10 when it first started and went up to 100/100 before I terminated. And the price never changed (due to relocating)

They're cheating you man! :)

Simon Hart said...

I'm not sure why in the UK the upload speed is always much lower than the down stream. To be honest I don't care too much as I don't host anything within my home network.

I'm just pleased I am getting what I pay for at long last!