Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Microsoft Windows Azure 2012 wish-list

UPDATE: Also I'd like to see a version of the Service Bus that's compiled against the .NET Framework v3.5 as not all consumers are able to move to .NET 4 right now.

I have come up with my Microsoft Windows Azure wish-list for 2012 below (hope the Azure product group read this :)
  1. Auto scale compute instances (I know third-party tools exist) 
  2. Allow for scheduled suspended instances that do not eat compute time and also allow for auto scaling out/in schedules without having to delete services from Azure 
  3. Load balancing (F5) for compute instances not round robin 
  4. Ability to configure topic/subscriptions rules via the Azure Management Portal 
  5. Access Control Service support (or any type of federated security support) for SQL Azure for alternate additional security
  6. Out of the box storage editor for managing blobs, tables and queues (I know 3rd party tools exist and you can do this in Visual Studio) 
  7. Developer fabric for Service Bus and Service Bus queues and topics (this would be awesome)
  8. Portal support for VM roles i.e. uploading VHD's (I know command-line tools exist) 
  9. Out of the box support for viewing Service Bus queues and topics and verifying Service Bus endpoints without retrieving the ATOM service bus feed (I know open source code exists) 
  10. Access Control Service support for storage, tables, blobs, and queues 
  11. Support for Hadoop/Big Data on Azure or any type of high performance computing perhaps a instance that targets or VM role to support Windows Server HPC 2008
  12. An easy DR strategy for all Azure services i.e. compute, storage etc.
  13. Managed Service Management API
  14. Give MSDN subscription holders 12 month usage

There in no particular order, not asking much am I!

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