Thursday, March 29, 2012

Buxton Sketch font for use with the patterns & practices style Visio stencil

I wrote a blog post recently that included a link where you can download a Microsoft Visio 2010 stencil that resembles the stencils the Microsoft patterns & practices team use here:

You can download this stencil here:

I created it on a machine that runs the Windows 8 Consumer Preview build and used a font called Buxton Sketch as it looks like a handwritten font and looks quite good for a diagramming white board effect. It seems Windows 8 CP already has the needed Buxton Sketch font installed as part of the standard OS install. So if you haven't got that font installed on your machine when you fire up the stencil (and Windows 7 doesn't), Visio will just default to its default font which doesn't look very good.

So you need to download the Buxton Sketch font and install it from here: I will upload this to bitbucket in due course.

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Leyton Jay said...

Nice one mate, I needed that. All the other top results on Google wanted me to Friend them on Facefuck before I could download it. I'm not doing that. Cheers, you're a lifesaver.