Friday, March 09, 2012

Smart421 - UK Azure User Group Reference Architecture using Service Bus for pub/sub

UPDATE 12/03/12: Source code for my presentation is now available here: You will need to edit various config files to include your X.509 certs, Service Bus and ACS namespaces and ACS Simple Web Token (SWT) symmetric keys. I will write a blog post on how to do all these things and get it running in due course.

I presented at the recent UK Windows Azure User Group on Tuesday 6th March. You can view my Prezi presentation here:

My colleague  Mark Want has written a post regarding this event on the Smart421 blog here:

I'm really starting to like this group and getting to know the folks from this group is great fun. They are now starting to run events in Manchester as well as London.

I talked about a reference architecture that I have been working on in my spare time over the last few weeks. The code will be available soon and I will blog and tweet when made available.

The solution uses quite a few features of Azure such as: MVC 4 Web Role, ACS, SAML 2.0 and SWT tokens, Google as an identity provider, Service Bus Relay services, Topics and subscriptions, Castle Windsor with the Service Bus and Topics/Subscriptions for pub/sub, a DR strategy and global DNS to enable DR and hide the domain.

Next I want to show ADFS as an STS over ACS, Idempotent messaging when using WCF with the Service Bus and load testing using VM Roles.

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