Saturday, April 14, 2012

SQL Server setup does not support the language of the OS or does not have ENU localized files

I encountered a very strange error this morning when attempting to install Microsoft SQL Server R2 EN Standard Edition from my file server which I have successfully done many times before - mainly from VM's. 

Today, when I attempted to run the SQL installer on a fairly new Windows 7 EN OS physical machine, I got the following error:

I tried some of the workarounds mentioned on Connect above, none worked. So as my machine is a dev machine, I'm happy to put the developer edition on which doesn't appear to be localized?!?

But before doing this I really wanted to figure out why I was getting this problem. I am running an English version of Windows that is set to the United Kingdom as the locale. Why is this not working for me!?

So then as I was attempting to install from a network file server, I thought I'd burn to disc and then try it from a DVD. So I fired up Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool (get the code from here: Ran it and I got this error:

So this is really weird as I have installed SQL Server from that ISO before (at least I think I have).

So in the end I downloaded a new fresh copy of SQL Server, ran it from the network server and it worked! So this error for me was a red hearing.

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Anonymous said...

I ran into the same error today. so i download the iso the server was trying to install on and used an iso mounting software. and i was able to install from a locally mounted iso image, but not from the mounted iso on a network drive. i am on a VM and using vmware esxi.